The .Net framework was initially released almost 20 years ago. And since then, this technology was only getting more popular.

Today .Net is #2 server-side programming language after Java with almost 25% of the market share. Moreover, a major part of websites in the United States is created using .Net. This way, the demand for .Net developers and .Net development teams are only getting bigger.

Either you need a Junior .Net developer or a Senior expert or even the whole .Net development team, we are ready to help. ITG has a broad CV database where you will find only the best candidates. You will definitely hire the professionals that will suit your requirements. We also promise they will complete your team, deliver brilliant result and exceed your expectations.



During the late 1990s, Microsoft was developing its own software framework. The first version of it was released in 2002. The main idea behind it was to let developers use the same skill set while creating various applications that may be used on different types of devices. It can be used for the development of a wide variety of products. All thanks to .Net’s flexibility, adaptability, and power.

Also, .Net is keeping pace with time. With the release of each version, .Net is getting easier to operate. Thus more and more software experts around the world use it.



.Net Core is a cross-platform and open-source analog of .Net framework. Microsoft launched it in 2016. Main things you should know about it are:

  • It is simple – the syntax is easy to learn and read.
  • It is faster ‒ it takes less time to load and run applications.
  • It requires less coding thanks to libraries and classes.
  • It is comprehensive and allows to create enterprise applications.
  • It is modern and constantly improving.

Although .Net Core is not fully written yet, it gets faster and powerful with the release of each version.



As any other programming language, .Net has a list of advantages and disadvantages. Among the drawbacks of .Net are:

  • Vendor lock-in. This means that the development and future product will depend on Microsoft.
  • Limited object-relational support. Only Entity Framework provides support for .Net framework, so some may find it limited.
  • Cost. Some may find a licensing cost to be too expensive.

Besides, the list of advantages of .Net is significantly bigger. Among the most important are:

  • Object-oriented programming. It makes it easier to manage code, test the app, and deal with errors.
  • Simple and well-made caching system.
  • Machine independence and the ability to create cross-platform products.
  • Universal standards that make developer’s work easier and saves a lot of time.
  • Easy maintenance.


A lot of programmers around the world use .Net for a wide variety of applications. To be more specific, .Net can be used for the development of:

  • Games
  • Communication applications, including messengers and email apps
  • Business applications, for instance, sales, finance, and SCM applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Cross-platform applications that can be used on Mac, Linux, and Windows

Basically, with .Net, you can create any application that will suit your needs and requirements.


Any specialist in the field of IT should have great problem-solving and team-working skills as well as logical thinking. .Net developers are not an exception. List of hard skills that are necessary for .Net developer includes:

  • Development technologies on the client-side
  • VB.Net Shop or C#
  • Databases

The knowledge of cloud methodologies and agile methodologies is a huge advantage for any .Net programmer.


The simplest way to hire .Net developer or the whole team is offshoring or nearshoring. ITG promises to make the process of hiring seamless and easy.

  1. You define, list, and specify your requirements and peculiarities of your project.
  2. Our team looks through our extensive CV database to find the candidates that will suit you perfectly. You may find programmers with any expertise level ‒ from Junior to Senior.
  3. Then you interview and approve either a developer or a team of developers.
  4. We offer you the assistance of HR, office management, accounting and tax specialists.

ITG promises you constant support and assistance throughout the duration of our collaboration.

Our devoted, reliable, and motivated team will stay with you. We will ensure that the result you will get with our software developers will always be perfect.

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